A travel guide to places I have visited as a 17 year old backpacker!

Hi, my name is Nat Stephenson and I have always loved travelling and getting to visit new places to see the different cultures, architecture and to try the local foods. So when I turned 17 I decided that I was ready to start travelling alone so that is what I did and that was possibly the best decision I have made. In my blogs I will tell you what it is like to travel to places like Europe, Africa and the Middle East as a solo traveler under 18, My top 5 favourite countries so far, How to stay safe, travelling on a budget, Best places to exchange money, hidden gems and much more.

My Latest Posts

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  • Estonia 🇪🇪
    Estonia is one of those countries not many people talk about but it should be, I only got to spend 2 days here in Tallinn the capital but I wish…More
  • Ireland 🇮🇪
    Killarney, Cliffs of Moher and Cork So this is the country where my adventure all began. A good country to start off with if you live in the uk like…More

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